Five best online exam software for student evaluation

Best online exam software

With the growing popularity of virtual learning and online classes, the world has also seen a surge in demand for an online exam software. For any kind of distance or blended learning, conducting online or virtual exams, using online platforms with efficient exam modules is essential.. These tools or platforms help you to conduct online assessments and exams. This article will discuss the best online exam software that instructors can choose for assignments and assessments. However, let’s begin the discussion with the benefits of using online exam tools in 2021.

Why do You Need Online Exam Software?

Evaluation and assessments are a compulsory processes of an education system. Only through examinations will the educators and schools know how much the students have learned during their classes. The traditional examination management system may not be possible in the case of online learning. Here comes the necessity of getting help from online software platforms that offer examination facilities. 

Online examinations allow you to supervise the cumulative assignments virtually, without being at the students’ residence. The evaluation process is also effortless as the applications offer features like automated assessment, performance tracking, result card generation, etc. As a result, the instructors do not need to perform these associated tasks manually.

5 Best Online Exam Software Platforms for Your Institute – 2021

1. Learnpod

Learnpod aims at creating interactive and engaging online software platforms for schools. It is one of the best online exam software of 2021 that you can use for your educational institute. With its help, the process of online examinations and assessments becomes seamless. Teachers can choose between available templates/options/forms of assessment, like:

  • MCQs
  • Subjective or Essay Type Questions
  • Objective Questions
  • Fill in the blanks

It has an updated and effective question bank from which schools can choose evaluation questions. The exam attendance tracker of this tool confirms the total number of students participating in the assessment. There is also a feature of automated evaluation of objective questions. Teachers do not have to invest time in evaluating these questions as this software can assess the answer. Besides generating virtual report cards for the students, it has analysis tools to track the learners’ performance. Thus, teachers can evaluate their progress and guide them accordingly. 

 A great thing about Learnpod is it offers a free trial for a limited period. So, schools can try this online software platform to check out its features and efficiency. 

  1. Classmarker

The name of this application also comes in the list of best online exam software. With its one-click new test creation feature, teachers can create a new assessment using this platform’s question bank. It also provides an option for the teachers to give feedback on individual questions or the overall test and offers a data backup facility with the help of a highly-secured external server. With this application, it is possible to assess students for reading and writing modules of the course curriculum. After the exams, teachers can also send the reports to the parent via email. This hassle-free process enables institutes to directly convey the evaluation results to the students and their guardians. After the examination, it can also process an online certificate.

  1. Edbase

Edbase is a SaaS platform that does not need any download or plug-ins like Learnpod. It has a question editor that allows adding of images and videos to the exam questions. The software works in both online and offline mode. When the internet is unavailable, the software switches to offline mode. Once the connection is back, it automatically connects to the internet and synchronizes with the online server. Teachers can assign the exams to any number of students in a class. Then, the students can appear in the exam from anywhere. Instructors have the authority to fix the date and duration of the exam. It is also possible to randomize the question orders of different students. After posting the results of the assessments, the students can also give their feedback on this software. 

  1. Think Exam

This software claims to be highly-interactive as it offers a simplified assessment cycle to the learners. By using this platform, teachers can assess their students with these modules:

  • MCQ
  • True-false
  • Multiple responses
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Match following
  • Subjective questions
  • Match matrix
  • Essay type questions

The platform provides instantaneous analysis features to assess the student’s performance. It ensures the data privacy of the institutes with secured servers. It also has a reporting system of optimum quality. You can quickly analyze the assessment results of an individual candidate or the whole class using the report dashboard.

  1. Mettl

This application offers a secure online system for virtual exams. So, you will not need any physical exam centers for e-assessments. Students can participate in the exams from the comfort of their respective homes. This cloud-based platform offers a high-scalability based examination system. It means institutes can conduct examinations for any number of learners based on requirements. It supports different types of assessments, including: 

  • MCQ
  • Checkbox
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Short Answer Questions
  • Essay Type Questions
  • Thesis Upload 
  • Diagram 

Mettl also offers a multi-factor authentication feature so that only the verified students can take part in the exams. It also has dual proctoring capabilities: One is AI-based, and another is human-based. Again, teachers can disable data sharing, new tab, new browser opening, etc., during the exams to stop students from indulging in any unfair means.


Schools, colleges, universities, and training institutes these days prefer online exams over traditional paper-based exams. Many online software platforms offer the option of online examination. If you feel clueless about choosing the right tool for your organization, refer to this blog as it discusses the five best online exam software.

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