How to Choose the Best Virtual Classroom Platform for Your Institute?

Best Virtual Classroom Platform

In the last decade, the world saw the emergence of networked computers, the internet, social media, data analysis and cloud computing. All these emerging technologies have transformed education and training fields. A virtual classroom platform is yet another addition to the list that offers a never-before learning experience. It is quite an amalgamation of features of various other technologies mentioned above. This article will talk about the top features the best virtual classroom platform should have. Read on to know how to select the best online classroom platform for an institute.

Importance of Virtual Classroom Platforms in Conducting Online Classes

Virtual classroom platforms play an essential role in conducting online classes. These platforms allow educators and trainers to merge the best attributes of face-to-face, traditional classroom education with 24×7 online instruction. They also help teachers have the maximum impact on the students of their online learning initiatives. Online classroom software provides numerous benefits like efficiency, accessibility, and return on investment.

How to Choose the Best Virtual Classroom Platform for Your Institute?

While picking the best platform for your institute, make sure that it contains the following features :

  1. Scheduled and Live Classes

The platform must have the option to conduct live and recorded classes. This is essential while choosing the virtual classroom software. Besides, the facility to arrange scheduled or pre-recorded classes is also crucial. It gives teachers the freedom to record the courses at any convenient time of the day. Then they can pre-schedule the streaming of the recorded lectures at any suitable time. 

  1. Support for Mobile/Tablet Devices

The world has gone mobile with the widespread use of smartphones and tablet devices. So, while choosing a virtual classroom platform, check if it supports mobile devices. The platform should also be compatible with all popular Operating Systems like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, etc. It will also make sure that teachers and students do not face any difficulty while using the platform.

  1. Multilingual Interface

Online software for virtual classes should support multiple languages as the students and teachers may not be comfortable with a single language. All the teachers and students may also not speak a single language. In both cases, the option to choose different languages for the software interface becomes vital. Thus, they can navigate the software in the language they know.

  1. Secured Streaming 

The security during the class streaming is necessary to confirm a trusted environment. Both students and teachers will feel confident and worry-free to use a secured platform. Data security is a vital aspect of any software. Encrypted data communication will guarantee the security of the entered data into the software. 

  1. Data Backup

Just like data security, crucial data backup is another must-have feature of best virtual classroom platform. It helps the teachers to store all the data of the students, including their performance. With backed up data, students can view the lectures whenever they want. 

  1. Easy of  Use

There is no point in selecting an application that users face hardship to maneuver. A successful online class is possible only when both parties can use all of its features effortlessly. Platforms with demo sessions of working on the tools are also helpful to simplify the software.  

  1. Cost

Do not forget the affordability of a platform while choosing the best one. A cost-effective platform that matches your budget should be the one you select for your institute. By using a free or cost-effective platform, you can invest the money in developing other infrastructure. 

  1. Instant Communication Tools

The best virtual classroom platform should have instant communication tools for real-time interaction. Students can immediately contact their instructors for any relevant queries. Students and teachers should view the in-session questions and answer them instantly using the messaging app of the platform during a lecture. 

  1. Interactive Features

By ensuring student participation, online classroom applications allow them to get involved actively. The platform should always have the elements that encourage the learners to interact, ask questions, take quizzes, and use game-designed modules. Active participation will increase a better understanding of the subject matter.

  1. Evaluation Features

Only the right evaluation process can provide the right level of understanding about a student. But, evaluating students in an online setup can be challenging. In such situations, timed testing features will come handy. These tests will time out automatically after a specific time without any manual interference. An automated grading system and feedback options will also help by letting the students know about the results immediately.

Choose Learnpod: The Best Virtual Classroom Platform 

With so many classroom platforms in the market, you may feel confused about choosing the right one. But do not worry! We at Learnpod are here to provide you with the best platform.

Learnpod is currently India’s one of the best virtual classroom platform. It offers all the features mentioned above at an affordable price. Besides being user-friendly, this platform has some additional features for a fantastic experience of online learning and teaching, like:

  • Automated attendance
  • Hand raise feature
  • Motivational badges
  • Media web player
  • Document reader
  • Online polls and quizzes

Schools don’t need to worry about using these features correctly. Learnpod provides a free demo to staff and teachers to help them understand the working of the attributes. With this software, you can also personalize the experience as per the need of the institution. It also has a free demo period. During this time, the school can determine if they are comfortable with the platform or need any changes.

Wrapping up

Your journey to choose the best virtual classroom platform journey should be short and smooth. Always look for that software with all the features described above. Or you can select Learnpod to get all the attributes in the same platform.

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