Leading virtual classroom software providers in India

Leading virtual classroom software providers in India

Who are the leading virtual classroom software providers in India?

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Online teaching platforms are no longer a luxury for educational institutions. They are instead a necessity in the current virus-infected world. Since the pandemic started, people have been trying to get used to the ‘new-normal’, and video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Meet have come to their rescue. The platforms for the corporates are usually perceived as less complicated than the ones used by educational institutions. There are some basic features to look out for in your virtual classroom software. This software should be focused on providing schools and colleges with a great online learning experience. Through blended learning platforms, virtual classroom softwares help create better opportunities for students to learn and improve themselves. 

Some of the leading virtual classroom software providers in India are:

1. Deskera 

Deskera is a  virtual classroom software in India that allows true collaboration and helps deliver online lectures. It offers interactive sessions that support video calling and features to replicate a virtual classroom environment. The setting permits members or students to interact face-to-face with the professor or teacher and hold live sessions. 

Some of their tools include:

  • Whiteboard for writing and drawing 
  • Screen sharing
  • Video conferencing 
  • Session recording 
  • Question and answer engine using video and audio streaming and chat feature 

2. Globus Infocom

Globus Infocom is a virtual classroom as a turnkey answer to the concept of online classrooms. It permits users to interact with each other and share introductions, information, and recordings. The blend of hardware and software allows the teachers and the students to communicate with one another with great zeal and efficiency. The cutting edge, across the board arrangement, encourages a no-boundaries environment for the students and teachers worldwide. Globus Infocom has been considered valuable for long-distance lectures and conferences. It is a platform to promote shared and vivid learning experiences for demographically-disconnected students and professors. 

Some of its features include:

  • High resolution video conferencing
  • Customisable lessons for the convenience of students and teachers
  • Low bandwidth to reduce the burden on an internet connection
  • Feedback format for teachers using polls

3. Edsys

Edsys has grown from being a modest software provider to being a competitive supplier of virtual classroom software in India. From textbooks and educational videos to an app for parents, Edsys takes into account various necessities of different educational institutions. Currently providing ERP solutions to more than 50 educational institutions worldwide, Edsys has developed a decent standing over the years. Their list of famous customers comes from around the world and includes St. Francis International School, Chennai, and New Indian Model School, Dubai. 

The features include: 

  • Integrated backend system
  • School ERP
  • Library management
  • A teacher & parent app
  • Video conferencing
  • Student attendance
  • Time table
  • E-Learning

4. Ken42

Ken42 helps educational institutions cater to all their evolving needs through a single, unified platform. This platform has been designed to help institutions deliver better outcomes for students, sharper insights for administrators, and improved faculty teaching experience. Ken42 enables an amalgamation of cutting-edge educational technology, thought-leadership in education, and educational institutions. This enables better learning outcomes, along with fresh minds primed for the professional world. It uses the technology that streamlines processes, catalyzes marketing efforts, and facilitates supplementary learning.

The features of Ken42 include: 

  • Video management
  • Recording and editing
  • Live streaming
  • Adaptive faculty management
  • End-to-end student management

5. Learnpod

Built for students, educational institutions, educators, and parents, Learnpod is a virtual classroom platform for online teaching and learning. It provides moderation tools, multiple language capabilities, live tech support, and other unique features such as:

  • Live online classroom
  • Pre-recorded classroom videos
  • Online exams and assessments
  • Automated class attendance
  • Reports and analytics
  • Time table management
  • Integrated chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Whiteboard function
  • Document reader
  • Motivation badges

Verdict: Virtual Classroom Software In India

Virtual classroom software, especially in India, will help provide institutions and teachers with an opportunity to keep students engaged and focused. Tools such as audio/video and chat features will help to make classes more interactive and engaging. Therefore, choosing the right virtual classroom software will allow schools to teach the students more effectively and create outstanding results.

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Which online exam software solutions offer a free trial?

Which online exam software solutions offer a free trial?

Which online exam software solutions offer a free trial?

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Examinations in schools and educational institutes serve as an essential tool to evaluate students’ progress throughout the academic year. Unlike every year, the current academic year started on an unexpected note, with Covid-19 affecting schools and colleges worldwide. Quite a few school authorities across the country have opted to conduct online exams over paper-based examinations using free online exam software and rightly so.
With the set of challenges that online education brings, school admins, teachers and students are still getting accustomed to the new online learning methods and practices and there are some who have mastered the art of online education by now. This situation has genuinely transformed offline educational practices to live interactive classrooms.
Online exam softwares help students a lot in the long run. Due to the pandemic, students of 10th and 12th have been affected the most. With board exams on its way, it is challenging for students cope up with the pressure. Online exam software solutions are trying to help students to focus on their studies by allowing them to practise tests and questions online with meaningful insights on their performance. 
Schools are getting attracted towards the practical and fair examination process in an online platform. A few benefits of an online exam software includes:
a) An excellent option for distance learning
b) Provides commotion-free assessment
c) Cost-effective
d) Environment-friendly
e) Immediate evaluation for quicker results.
Now that you know some of the benefits of an online exam software, it is time to choose the right one for your school, a solution which offers a free trial. 

Top four free online exam software providers:

1. Eklavya
Eklavya is a cloud-based online examination system specifically designed for educational institutions, training institutes, single educators, and corporate companies. It offers unique features like exam forms with question banks and scheduling test times. It also provides detailed result analysis which further helps in evaluation. Eklavya has special software to assist you in the evaluation process. It has a free package with limitations on the number of question papers and time. This free online exam software can be considered as a good option for your institute. 
2. MegaExams 
MegaExams is an online exam software which offers a seamless test creation process, synchronised UI, and hassle-free registration platform to test candidates. Creators can together make multiple test papers and sell them to individuals. It also offers easy monitoring of various tests together and examinees’ performances. It is a platform where users can certify the individuals giving the exam. Educators can add their logo, description, date, name of the candidate, and title. Benefits of using this platform includes screen freezing,  adding tags, sales reports,  managed servers, and customer feedback. 
3. SpeedExam
SpeedExam is an another useful online exam software where you can create and deliver exams efficiently. It offers a free trial and also enables organisations to analyse answers and assess the performances of students. They have specific features like certificate maker,  auto-grading, a detailed analysis, printable reports, aptitude tests and many more. SpeedExam is an online exam portal, and a user can easily make quizzes for more engagement. It can be made available for individuals, groups, or individuals counting upon whatever format they decide for the test. SpeedExam is sophisticated software that should be given a chance.
4. Learnpod 
Learnpod is a virtual classroom platform for online teaching, learning and examinations. It is designed to provide an engaging, interactive, and practical experience to learn, teach, grow, and gain. The platform is designed while keeping the interests of schools, teachers, students, and parents’ in mind. It is not just an online exam software but a complete virtual schooling platform in itself. Institutions can use features like online exams and tests, question banks,  automated evaluation, exam attendance tracker, options to choose between various question types – MCQs, subjective, ojective as well as provide students with reports on their progress. It has a great analysing tool that helps students evaluate their performances and help the teachers guide them accordingly. This robust system provides a great virtual experience and offers a free trial as well. 
Considering the current virus-infected environment and the upcoming exam season, an online exam software could be a real time-saver. It would help your institution to automate, digitise, and centralise the examination process. Students get exceptional educational experience, options to track their progress and receive immediate evaluation of their answers. The data acquired helps in analysing the bridge and works on constant quality improvement. Here were some online exam software solutions offering a free trial. Choose the one that suits your institution the best. 
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