Comparison of the online live class platforms 

Online live class platform

Have you ever thought about what learning would have been like if online classroom platforms did not exist during such uncertain times? Covid-19 has proved that an online live class platform is incredibly useful in stimulating knowledge and genuinely makes school management simplified and effective. 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in spring 2020, online learning has become the new norm for students and teachers across the country. There was a massive increase in the number of institutes interested in online platforms for learning and teaching purposes to either comprehend a new skill or to educate online.

Advantages of an Online Live Class Platform

An online live classroom platform enables institutions to stream their classes, upload videos, and share content. However, these online live streaming classroom platforms vary in specific characteristics, but their sole focus is to offer video broadcasting tools with ease. Here are some advantages of online live classroom platforms:

  • Easy to use and easily accessible
  • Cloud recording and storage
  • Screen sharing
  • Digital whiteboards
  • Real-time quizzing

Every kind of evolution looks for alternatives that are better and convenient than the present version of it. The same goes for teaching. The teaching industry has transformed itself and created an alternative to traditional classrooms. Though varied in specific features and structures, these live streaming classroom platforms typically provide a similar range of video broadcasting tools. Professional online video platforms give you more control over your content than popular free consumer-based platforms, like Youtube. When it comes to hosting and broadcasting videos, educators have several specific needs that differ from other industries.

Here’s how four online live class platforms differ from each other:

1. Learnpod 

Learnpod is a virtual classroom platform for online teaching and learning. It has been developed to provide a collective, captivating, and practical experience to teach, learn, and grow. Once users are on board, the team curates personalised dashboards for students, schools, and teachers. The school administration, students, and teachers use Learnpod for a free trial period, taking their first step towards  an online live classroom experience like never before.

Key features of Learnpod includes:

  • Automated  Attendance
  • Live Online Classroom
  • Online examinations
  • Pre-recorded Classes
  • File sharing
  • Feedback mechanism

2. LearnCube

LearnCube is an award-winning virtual classroom software. Their goal is to create a virtual classroom platform that runs in all browsers, without having the need to download it, with an intuitive interface, so that teachers could fixate on their teaching. It is a significant discovery for online universities and professors. It’s excellent for binding lecturers with students who reside in distant locales. It is a perfect online classroom, and folks use it for teaching, schooling, and training.

Some of its features include:

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Video Recording 
  • File and media sharing
  • Custom branding
  • Homework

3. WizIQ

WizIQ is an HD Virtual Classroom platform. It possesses eLearning tools and characteristics that assist you in simulating the classroom experience online. It is the world’s first white-labelled mobile learning application for students It operates on WebRTC and comes with a user-friendly interface for superior navigation.

Features include:

  • Course Builder
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Tests and Assessments
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Mobile Learning
  • LMS eCommerce

These characteristics are now more critical than ever since many schools try to keep things elementary for their students but want to offer a virtual classroom experience persistent with in-person learning. Virtual classrooms are emerging as a far better means of education. Online education has been a blessing to the learning industry. Especially in a time of pandemic like now, teachers and students can continue to educate.

4. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free and easy-to-use tool that assists progress while embellishing connections with learners from school, from home, or on the go. It allows learning supervision to streamline establishing, allocating, and valuing homework and immersing learners in understanding online. Google Classroom is an open application developed to help teachers and educators express, collaborate, organise, manage asks, go paperless, and extensively add! 

Whether you want to learn something from afar, or after coming from the office, returning from college, no one stops you during breaks or early in the morning. You can not just beat distance, utilize your unproductive traffic hours but can also learn a subject or skill to get a little further ahead on your knowledge.

The features of google classroom include:

  • Adds students precisely or shares a code or link so the entire class can join
  • Sets up a class in minutes and creates classwork that appears on students’ calendar
  • Assists teachers to communicate with parents efficiently and send them updates spontaneously


For decades, teachers from the classroom have been strained to take on a brand new role that can be quite mind-boggling.

We live in a constantly developing world. The extent of the nation’s existing state has formulated numerous schools to opt for online learning. An online live class platform enables students to attend classes from the comfort of their homes without having the fear of losing out on learning. 

Education is a powerful resource that can help learners achieve their individual goals. We are a society of consumers who crave for something “more.” The E-learning industry helps this “society” of billions of people to get an education in the most convenient way possible. We hope this small comparison of four online live class platforms for remote learning will help you choose the best one for your institute.

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