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Learnpod was born in a small apartment in London, driven by the desire to solve the real-time problems faced by schools, teachers, students and parents due to virtual learning in India. Schools are far more than just bricks and mortar, they are a living, breathing community of individuals achieving dreams together and if I’m being honest, its very difficult for any video-conferencing tool to ever come close to the environment of a traditional school.

However, there are times when as human beings, we face challenges that are beyond our control and it’s then that we realise that learning may be less about a location than it has ever been.

At Learnpod, we are on a mission to help teachers and students survive these challenging times from home and to make sure that every day on our platform is as close to a normal day as possible. While creating a centralised space for students and keeping them engaged through live interactions, assessments and feedbacks, our goal is to ensure that learning continues to be an inherent social process and schools can handle days that are far from normal with ease.

Let’s solve real-time problems, together.


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